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Invest in expert selected basket of stocks, curated based on 25 intelligent stock rating parameters.

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Pick from Ready Made StockBaskets

Pick from
Ready Made StockBaskets

Saving for your child's education or your early retirement? StockBasket's got it all covered for you. Pick from ready-to-invest baskets to achieve your financial goals.

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In-Built Intelligent
System to Reduce Risk

Our proprietary engine evaluates over 2 crore data points to determine the quality of the stocks in your baskets everyday, reducing the risks of your investments to a minimum. Reasonable diversification of stocks results in lower risk.

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In-Built Intelligent System to Reduce Risk

StockBasket - The Better Investment!

StockBasket is a superior investment method, that outruns every asset class in the country in terms of high returns with minimum risk.

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StockBasket is for Everyone

is for Everyone

StockBasket is created with a principle at heart that wealth creation should be accessible to all. The investment value in StockBasket ranges from as low as 3,000 to as high as 2,50,000.

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    open an account Sign up for free and complete your paperless KYC in less than 5 minutes. No charges, no fees.
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    open an account Explore available baskets, select a basket that matches your investment needs by considering the investment rationale and riskiness of the basket. Select a basket based on your goal. All the baskets are carefully curated by our team using our proprietary pool of high quality stocks.
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    open an account Click on “INVEST”, input the quantity you want to buy and pat your back for a job well done! Next step – do nothing, and watch your wealth grow stress free!
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3 easy steps
5 Year Fee Refund Guarantee

5 Year Fee
Refund Guarantee

One of the most important factors of long-term wealth creation is “Not To Lose Money”. Get complete refund of your subscription fee, if you do not make money in StockBaskets.

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StockBasket is exclusively available for SAMCO customers, benefit from the flat brokerage fees and reliable SAMCO trading platforms. With a SAMCO account you also get access to SAMCO’s proprietary high tech investing tools like StockNote and RankMF - a mutual fund investment platform.

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StockBasket Decoded

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Introducing StockBasket | The Better Investment

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Know how StockBasket are built and how they are categorized

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Know Why StockBasket is "The Better Investment

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StockBasket Pricing and a Unique 5-Year Fee Refund Guarantee

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Investman is StockBasket’s Lucky Mascot

He is on a mission to create an equity culture in India, his objective is to make sure that every Indian invests
in the top Indian companies and creates wealth as India becomes a large economy

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