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Choose a basket and invest regularly via SIP to accumulate a large corpus.

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Benefits of stockbasketSIP

Regular & Disciplined

Regular & disciplined investing in expert-selected stocks.

Create a Huge Corpus

Create a huge corpus with small periodic investments.

Risk Aversion

Risk aversion with regular investments.

Invest in Right Stocks

Invest in right stocks regularly for superior returns.

How StockBasket SIP works

  • Choose a Stockbasket that Suits your Investment Profile
  • Click on SIP and Select Frequency
  • Invest Regularly and Chill

Historical SIP returns for a StockBasket generating 24% compounded return over a period of 14 years.

Your Investment amount of Rs. 10,50,000 becomes Rs. 28,85,000.

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StockBasket Decoded

Introduction of StockBasket

How to Place SIP Order on StockBasket App

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Type of StockBasket

How to Setup a Mandate on StockBasket App

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