StockBasket index value numbers and rationales are for information and illustration purposes only. Charts and performance numbers are back tested/simulated results calculated via a standard methodology and do not include the impact of transaction fee and other related costs. Data used for calculation of historical returns and other information is provided by exchange approved third party data vendors and has neither been audited nor validated by Samco.

Informations present on StockBasket app and website is to help investors in their decision-making process and should not be construed as a recommendation or solicitation of an investment or investment strategy. Investors are responsible for their investment decisions and are responsible to validate all the information used to make the investment decision. Investor should understand that his/her investment decision is based on personal investment needs and risk tolerance, and performance information available on StockBasket is only an indicative and other third party expert guidance should be sought  before making an investment decision. Past performance does not guarantee future returns and performance of StockBaskets  are subject to market risks.

Last updated on 26th September, 2019.

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