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Introducing StockBasket

StockBasket is ready to invest basket of stocks or mini portfolios created by Samco’s SEBI registered research experts that are focused in create long term wealth by investing in quality stocks.

StockBasket - The Better Investment!

StockBasket is a superior investment method, that outruns every asset class in the country in terms of high returns with minimum risk.

StockBasket is for Everyone

StockBasket’s Approach

  • open an account Invest in stocks of Great Indian companies that are selected using 60+ rating parameters.
  • open an account Hold these baskets of stocks for a minimum 5 years.
  • open an account Monitor this basket or mini portfolio.

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Invest in expert-curated stocks with StockBasket

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  • open an account Open a free Samco account online today.
  • open an account Login to StockBasket app, explore available StockBaskets, select a basket that matches your investment needs and financial goals.
  • open an accountClick on “Invest”, input the quantity you want to buy and pat your back for a job well done!
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Who should invest in StockBasket ?

  • open an account A long-term investor, who is looking to create a corpus.
  • open an account Students and first timers who are learning nitigrities of equity investing.
  • open an account Salaried professional who wants to create wealth.
  • open an account Business owners looking to invest their surplus cash.

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