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Why Digital India – StockBasket?3 min read

In this article, we will discuss in detail about Digital India – StockBasket, and why every retail investor should think about investing in it.

The launch of Digital India Campaign by the Prime Minister on 15th July 2015 is to ensure that the government’s services are available to citizens electronically by improvising online infrastructure and by increasing Internet connectivity or digitally empowering the country in the field of science.

India will be a global player in the digital economy”  – Sundar Pichai, CEO, Alphabet & Google

  The objective of this campaign is to improve digital infrastructure, digital literacy and digitally delivering services.

After the launch, of this Campaign, the government of India has taken numerous steps to push the use of technology to connect and empower people in areas relating to health, education, labour and employment, commerce, etc. 

To implement these plans the government requires technology, research, and IT support, this is where the leading Indian IT companies come into play. 

Companies like TCS and Infosys are helping the government in implementing projects like e-governance, Tax E-filing, Passport services, setting healthcare platforms, financial inclusiveness and access, utilities and agricultural and livestock production. 

Leading Indian IT firms like Infosys, TCS, and L&T infotech, are diversifying their offerings and are coming up with technological developments in software, IoT and artificial intelligence

These companies would play a key role in making India a Digital Economy. Investors who also want to be a part of these top companies can invest in them through StockBasket.

What is StockBasket?

StockBasket as the name suggests is an expert-curated basket of stocks or portfolios. The baskets are curated after considering 60+ Intelligent Stock Rating Parameters and evaluating over 2 crore data points. StockBaskets are categorised as per an individual’s financial goals, long term themes, risk appetite and time horizon.

To be a part of India’s Digital growth story retails investors can Digital India StockBasket. A basket which comprises Stocks of those companies that benefited as India becomes a Digital Economy.

Why Digital India StockBasket?

The Modi Government from day one has evidently supported the Digital India Movement. This basket is crafted by including companies that going to benefit from Government’s push to make India a Digital India. These companies continue to generate superior long term returns for its shareholders on the basis of its timely, reliable and efficient delivery of IT solutions to large corporations across the world and helping them to innovate, drive down the cost and help them become leaders in their respective operations. Their sustainable business model offers sufficient growth opportunities for the long term shareholders.

How to start with StockBasket?

Investing in StockBasket is a very simple process all you need to follow is this 3 step process:

  1. Download the StockBasket app.
  2. Login with your existing Samco client ID and trading password.
  3. Go to the “Explore” page and select the basket as per your need, click on “Invest” to buy the basket.

You can start your wealth creation journey by investing in our Beginners Basket – Lite just for Rs. 3500.

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